Botany Downs Interior Doors and Ceiling Painting

We are contracted for painting over all the interior ceilings, doors, door and window frames. The ceiling painting is more about fix the ceiling corner cracks between the gib board and the skirting timber.  Over the years there are multiple visible cracks all over the ceiling corners. It tooks one guy two days to do all the corner old paint stripping and good gap filling works.

We used the third day solely on sanding the ceiling and the timber surface. All old paint drops, fly marks, dirtys are sanded off before we did the final dusting to make them ready for the painting. This photo is the newly painted ceiling and doors. They look much shinny and smooth than before.

Not a perfect surface, the cabinet door painting preparation

no more gaps! all the gaps and cracks are properly fixed.

Living room ceiling painted.

Typical ceiling corner crackings

ceiling and door frames painted.

corridor ceiling painted

all doors and frames are sanded thoroughly and painted very well

Original dinning area ceiling, we removed fly marks and fixed all cracks.

another typical corner cracking


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