Browns Bay Interior and Exterior House Painting

These are some photos before the paint, in the progress, and after the painting works for roof, exterior, interior and decks.

Choosing the right roof colour will have a huge impact on the overall look of your home, the roof color should complement the house color, not compete with it, this time we used Accent Roof paint, selected on from Cloud Grey, Graphite, Bridge Grey, Venetian Red, Koroka Rainforest Green and Midnight Denim Blue. (Accent Roof Paint: 1, 2, 3, 4 )


Regular house repaint interior part: old wall paper removal, plastering and repainting.

I hate my popcorn-acoustic ceiling-what are my options?

We can scrape it off, either dry or wet. We used a large drywall knife and try to scrape it off dry, it worked easy enough. In other case it might not be the case, then we use a garden sprayer with warm water, soak an area and remove the popcorn with a drywall knife, of course we didn’t forget to cover the floor first with plastic.

Note Please:  “Asbestos may be present in textured paint and in patching compounds used on wall and ceiling joints.” Use of asbestos was finally stopped in 1977 in New Zealand, which means from 1978 on asbestos was not used. To know if this is present in your home or not, you can have a licensed asbestos professional test for “asbestos” prior to removing the popcorn or before painting it. You can go online and do some research. You are usually allowed to paint over it.

After we scraped off the popcorn acoustic, customer has a smooth ceiling. If you look it over carefully and you might see shadow like lines where the drywall was originally taped. These shadow lines will need a light coat of drywall mud plastering and sanding while feathering. Other wise these shadow lines may show through even after texturing your ceiling.

Under Coating

Home walls with old wall paper need wall paper striping: If the wallpaper doesn’t come off easily, spray the remover-solution mixture on the area and let it soak into the wallpaper. You may need to apply it several times. Next, try stripping the wallpaper by hand. The backing will be left, which you can scrape off with a broad knife.

Couple of points for using a sheen or flat paint

Ceilings are usually painted a light ,or white color. Ceilings can be painted in a flat finish, or the one, I prefer, an eggshell. Usually the jams and baseboard are in a semi gloss white (light color), or satin,. The walls, in a color different from the woodwork in a flat or eggshell finish.

roof painting

If your choice for the walls, is flat, get a scrabble flat , for washing off marks. But realize, repeated scrubbing of the wall for marks works for just a few sessions. In time, you will have to touch up these areas with paint; That’s another reason to use an eggshell or possibly a higher sheen. A sheen in the paint is great for washing off most marks caused by kids and dogs. It makes it easier to broom off ,or vacuum those pesky spider webs.

For Baths, Kitchens, jams and doors, I recommend a 100% acrylic latex semi Gloss or satin. For walls and ceiling I prefer eggshell. If you are painting your walls and baseboards the same color, then use the eggshell on both, if that is your choice. Roof Painting partly done ( right photo)

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