Cornwallis Interior Wall Painting

The owner of this Cornwallis newly purchased property does not like the original colour of the 3-bed rooms. There are too many colours. People usually save the budget to paint the house interior or exterior either before they sell a house, we call it pre-sales painting or after they buy the house before they actually moving in. Customers can take the advantage of an empty house to fix multiple issues and obviously interior painting is one of the priorities.

In this case the customers choose a regular Resene interior color to paint all the rooms and ceiling the same color. The house rooms are finally consistent in terms of color. We as painters are often asked by people what’s the difference between low sheen, semi gloss and gloss. In simply words they are about how shinny or how much they are reflecting the lights. Low sheen is the lowest level of reflection, it is chosen by most people for walls. Semi Gloss is a bit more reflecting than low sheen, we use enamel (aquanamel) semi gloss for wood items like doors, frames, skirting. If you are renting our your property, we recommend semi-gloss for wall because it is much more not likely to be damaged and it’s much easy to clean it off the wall, unlike low sheen, we have to do sanding to remove the dirts.

We do Great Interior Painting Jobs

Here are four keys that we will produce the very best results for your house:

  1. We prepare the surface properly. Good paint performance depends largely on good paint adhesion, and paint adheres best to surfaces that are clean and sound.
    We start by removing dust, dirt, and grime from all surfaces, using a detergent and water solution. Wipe down the surface, and allow it to dry.
    If there are any small holes or cracks in the walls, we apply filling compound.
    After the filler is completely dry, we lightly sand the repaired areas so they are flush with the wall surface.
    If the repaired areas are sizable, we prime them with a coat of quality interior latex primer; also we prime any surface that hasn’t been painted before.
  2.  Simple right tools, rolles and brushes. We always use quality brushes and rollers when doing any paint job. They will apply the paint more smoothly and evenly to provide a better looking finished appearance.
    As for rollers, we choose the sturdiest you can find. They’ll apply the paint more evenly than economy rollers, and in a heavier, more protective coat.
  3. The right gloss level. Glossier coatings make it easier to remove dirt and stains from the painted surface; flat paints help hide imperfections in walls and other surfaces.
  4. Use good quality paint: Dulux and Resene. In Auckland for all the residential works we use Dulux and Resene brands.

In terms of application benefits, top quality paints resist spattering and tend not to show brush or roller marks. And since they hide better than ordinary paints, you often need to apply fewer coats to cover even dark colors, which can save time, work, and money.

Top quality interior paints also are tougher and more durable than ordinary paints. They adhere better, resist fading, have better stain resistance, and are easier to clean if they should get soiled or stained. By using the right quality interior paint and following the other keys to a quality paint job the room we paint will continue to look great for years to come.

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