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Decks – Paths – Driveways – Recreational Areas Painting

Giving your steps and porch a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the overall look of your entrance way. Simply wash down the existing coating, remove any loose flaking material, prime or seal if needed and re-coat using two coats of Resene Walk-on; Resene Walk-on is a satin general purpose flooring and paving paint, based on tough acrylic resins to give maximum durability and abrasion resistance in a single pack finish; Ideal for use on steps, decking, concrete, porches, suitably primed timber, composite boards and interior floors.

Resene Walk-on colors are also available in Resene Uracryl where a high performance two pack system is preferred; Consider using a Resene CoolColour version of the color if you are applying a dark color outside as it will help to reflect more heat than the normal version of the same color.

The palette shown is a taste of the colors available in Resene Walk-on. Choose from over 1000 Resene colors from the Resene Total Co lour System tinted from white, pastel, light, mid and ultra deep tone.

Non-Skid Deck & Path

Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path has been designed to provide a comfortable walking surface for all interior and exterior situations where a non-skid finish is desired; Available in a desirable low sheen finish, Environmental Choice approved Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path may be tinted to complement existing decor, both inside and out. Combinations of contrasting colors may be used to create decorative effects in courtyards and pathed areas, either as part of a new landscaping plan or to rejuvenate weathered surfaces.

It is recommended that a light colour is applied to the edge of each step to clearly identify the edge of each step reducing the likelihood of accident. Resene Pompeii should not be used on broad surface areas as it will be more prone to dirt marking.

Quick and easy to apply, trafficable areas may be upgraded and coloured with minimal disruption. Use Resene Paint Prep and House wash to quickly refresh any Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path surface that has become covered in dirt; Colors marked with cc also available as a Resene CoolColour. Check with Resene staff whether a Resene CoolColour is right for your project.

These colors are also available tinted into other Resene products if you wish to use them on other areas of your project.

Concrete Stain

  • For a natural look, add color to contentious surfaces with Resene Concrete Stain.
  • An interior/exterior solventborne acrylic stain designed to penetrate the surface of concrete and masonry, Resene Concrete Stain forms a tough low sheen finish that protects and enhances the natural texture of the concrete.
  • Suitable for use on concrete driveways, paths, carports, swimming pool surrounds and light industrial floors or anywhere concrete blocks, poured concrete, paving stones and cobblestones are used.
  • Resene Concrete Conserver, a clear gloss, is also available for protecting quarry tiles, exposed aggregate, slate and concrete from dirt, dust and other contaminants.
  • Resene Concrete Stain performs best on porous concrete. The desired effect may be more difficult to achieve on smooth concrete.

Furniture and Decking Oil

Resene Furniture and Decking Oil is designed for direct application to timber decks and furniture to enhance and restore the timber color and provide protection against water, fungi and U.V. light. Popular among those who prefer a lightly oiled look, Resene Furniture and Decking Oil will assist with water repellent and help maintain timber in good condition. Recommended for annual application to decks and furniture.

Kwila Timber Stain

Rejuvenate, enhance and protect your timber deck or outdoor furniture with Resene Kwila Timber Stain. Ideally suited for new or weathered Kwila, it is also suitable for use over other exotic hardwoods, adding color to the timber while still allowing the natural grain to show through. A Resene Kwila Timber Stain finish will typically require maintenance after one or two summers.

Resene Woodsman

Tired weathered timber decks can be rejuvenated quickly with Environmental Choice approved Resene Woodsman Decking Stain is a waterborne modified oil based stain developed especially for new and weathered decking. Decorators will enjoy the quick and easy water clean up, lower volatile organic compounds and the absence of the solvent fumes associated with traditional solvent borne stains.

Resene Woodsman Wood Oil Stain is available in a range of colours suitable for decks and other exterior timber areas.

Tennis Court Coating

Resene Tennis Court Coating is a 100% acrylic coating filled with graded silica designed for use on both concrete and composite courts to give a durable, tough topping with excellent traction and even ‘slow’ bounce properties tested to ITF standards. It may be used to upgrade bare bitumen or bare concrete courts or to maintain previously painted tennis courts. Environmental Choice approved Resene Tennis Court Coating is easy to apply by brush, synthetic fibre roller, spray or squeegee and may be applied by either volunteers or professional contractors.

Both Resene products suitable for use on tennis courts – Resene Tennis Court Coating and Resene Blacktop – dry quickly ensuring that tennis courts may be coated quickly and easily and be back into action within a few days. Use Resene Lumbersider white (see Data Sheet D34) for court markings.

Swimming Pool Paint

After a hard day’s work, relaxing in a swimming pool is always popular; Resene Swimming Pool Paint has been specially designed for direct application to concrete swimming pools.

A pool coated in Resene Swimming Pool Paint Magic Blue will be less affected by chemicals used for treating pools than traditional pigmented pool finishes. The result is a longer lasting color, giving you more time to enjoy your pool because you’ll spend less time repainting it.

Squash Court Coatin

Resene Squash Court Coating is a two pack waterborne epoxy especially developed for coating squash court walls to give a durable tough coating with excellent resistance to abrasion, unsurpassed adhesion to appropriately prepared surfaces and excellent resistance to chemical solvents and water. The waterborne formulation overcomes the risk of solvent borne products in areas of restricted ventilation.

Resene Squash Court Coating is easy to apply by brush, roller or airless spray, and may be applied by either volunteers or professional contractors. Supplied as a six liter unit, two unit packs of mixed material will provide sufficient product to apply one coat to the squash court playing area. Use red adhesive stickers or Resene Uracryl for court markings.

Resene Blacktop

Resene Blacktop  is a cold-applied, heavy bodied, slip resistant topping for use on asphalt. Based on a bitumen emulsion with graded fillers, Resene Blacktop dries to produce a durable weather and wear resistant finish. For best results apply with a Resene hi-solids roller. Ideal for use on paths, driveways, tennis courts and other recreational areas. Environmental Choice approved.

Grass Marking Paint

Ground markings are a critical part of all field games. Resene manufactures specially formulated Resene Grassmarking Paint, suitable for marking out lines and field areas on grass without harming the grass itself.

Available in 10 litre pails of white, other colors are available on request. Depending on the concentration of color required, Environmental Choice approved Resene Grass marking Paint may be thinned by 2-3 parts water making it a cost-effective option for all field marking projects.


Environmental Choice approved Resene Cemseal is a clear penetrating concrete sealer and dust coat. It’s a non-decorative coating for use on industrial and domestic concrete floors and traffic-able areas where a low cost, easily applied and maintained method of controlling concrete dusting is required; Resene Cemseal facilitates dust control by providing an easy to clean surface.

Resene Products for all projects

Resene has a comprehensive range of products and decorating tools for all areas in and around your home or business, including products that are ideal for all those backyard projects.

Keep your place cooler with a Resene CoolColourTM

If you are planning to use dark colours outside consider investing in a Resene CoolColourTM. Colours made using Resene CoolColour technology reflect more heat than a standard colour reducing the stress on the coating, substrate and building keeping them cooler. Check with Resene ColorShop or Reseller staff to see whether a Resene CoolColour is right for your project.

Colour timber

Resene Lumbersider will add colour to all wooden surfaces in next to no time. Wash your fence or deck down using Resene Paint Prep and Housewash and rinse off with water. Treat existing mould with Resene Moss & Mould Killer, ensuring you rinse off the solution with copious amounts of freshwater. Allow to dry, then coat with Resene Lumbersider.

Complement with a stained finish

For a more natural look, try Resene Waterborne Woodsman, a transparent wood finish that allows you to recolour your timber while still allowing the natural grain to show through. Suitable for all exterior wood surfaces, including fences, gates, weatherboards and planters. See the Resene Exterior woodcare chart to choose from the range of transparent wood stains in limed, traditional and brights.

Colour your planters

Textured, colourwashed, painted or stained, Resene have a wide range of products suitable for decorating planters. Available in hundreds of colours, Resene testpots allow you to add colour to your garden planters without being left with litres of excess paint. For a more earthy finish use Resene AquaShield, a dead flat mineral effect finish, available in a wide range of natural colors.

Caring for your paint finish

Annual washing will help maintain the fresh appearance of your paintwork. Follow the recommendations in the Resene Caring for your paint finish brochure or on the Resene website to keep your paint finish looking its best.

  • Trial first
    Always trial your selected product on a representative surface to ensure it gives the result you want on the actual surface you are painting or staining before commencing the full project.
  • Be PaintWise
    For tips on minimising the impact of your decorating on the environment see
  • Enjoy the Resene Promise of Quality guarantee
    Enjoy the Resene Promise of Quality guarantee on a wide range of Resene premium paints. See your Resene ColorShop or the Resene website for a copy.
  • Choose to help the environment
    You can minimise the effect your next decorating project has on the environment by choosing one of the Resene range of Environmental Choice approved products.

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