Epsom House Painting Works

Many customers approached their first-time painting works, they has never picked up a brush or roller, they are reluctant to try their hand at interior painting of cousse.  In these cases we always give people a few simple insights can make their first painting contracting experience more pleasant and satisfying than they might imagine.

The first thing that customers need to know is that very few paint jobs start with painting. Instead, they begin with good surface preparation. Paints adhere better and last longer when applied to clean, sound surfaces, so don’t give short shrift to the prep work required for your project. The temptation will be great. Don’t give in!

Next, we don’t rush their color selection. Many customers do this all the time and all too often are surprised at the look of a color once it’s applied. Instead, we suggest customers to study color cards, bring them home and place them against the surface you’ll be painting, observe the colors in daylight and at night, then purchase a paint sampler and apply a test swatch before committing to a color. This approach may seem tedious, but it can save a lot of extra work and frustration.

When we return to the store to purchase the paint and sundries, we are all prepared. Acrylic latex coatings made with 100% acrylic are much easier to work with and will last much longer than ordinary paint.

Back at the house, we make sure that we protect customer furniture and floors with drop cloths before starting your project. Everyone tries to be careful when painting, but spills, drips, and spatters are a fact of life. Do what the pros do: take precautions.

When we begin to paint, we work as carefully as we can. Most slip ups are easy to remedy, especially if you’re prepared for them. While working, keep a moist cloth handy to wipe up drips and stray brushstrokes; and, if you’re using top quality paint, you’ll see that touch-ups are a snap. By following these guidelines, you’ll avoid many of the common missteps of inexperienced painters and get better results from the get-go. Experience maybe the best teacher, but it isn’t the only way to learn.

These are some painting works we have done or we are doing in Epsom Auckland.

A. Weather board restoration and painting and roof painting.


New stairs for the new deck, extra.


New fencing


New interior


We keep doors, windows, and trims.


Roof partly changed.


Windows replaced.


B. Interior:

At the moment we are doing another Epsom interior painting, to be started next week, interior preparation works in progress.

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