Forrest Hill Interior Painting

The Forrest Hill house painting was done not at a ideal stage for interior painting. We were hired after the new carpet is laid. The customer somehow decided to paint the interior all over again instead of some minor painting touching-ups especially the window frames and all the doors. Firstly it was only about frames sanding and painting, then the doors, then we decided to do the ceiling, while in the last the whole interior spaces.

It is important to plan the renovation works in order. Painters sure prefer to perform the painting before the carpet so there are much less floor covering works. We tape mast all the corners and edges of each room. The edge was covered by sticky transparent films and all other spaces with dropping cloth, with the help of masking take to stabilize the cloth. The headache is not coming from the dropping paint, it is more about the sanding dusk. We had to use vacuum cleaner to constantly clean the space in the progress.

Our techniques for rolling an ceiling

When using roller we always roll in one direction without rolling back onto the wet section.  We dip roller into paint bucket but keep a medium amount on the roller. We plan on painting the ceiling another coat and you will catch those missed some areas at that time. We don’t want to risk backtracking. Just keep moving forward, we repaint the ceiling 2 more coats any ways. We keep our technique slow and steady for this project. When rolling the second time, roll the opposite way. Good results will be ours by following these directions.








Staircase and corridor painting: It took three times of efforts to paint the stair area than a regular room, especially once the carpet was there already. All the corners need to be properly covered before we can actually do any painting.


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