Glen Eden House Exterior and Roof Painting

Summer is house exterior painting season. We completed this exterior painting on November 2017 with 3 weeks including roof, cedar first floor and concrete block ground floor and two decks. We used Dulux colorsteel roof and trim paint for long run roof and a different color for the gutter. Originally we planed to use black stain to do the cedar again but the black stain color is not able to cover the original brown color at all, then we decided to use the same color as the ground floor. It looks good when the house is going all black. This is how it looks now after all painted over. The paint is Dulux exterior Routeburn EB

Instead of scaffolding, we moved the long ladder with a U shape painter’s wall bracket to move all round the house, painting from top to down and completed the painting once. The following photo is the house before the painting. The customer is not happy with the original colors: green roof, brown wall and yellow-white ground floor. They want a more modern looking house. They chooses Gull grey for roof, another darker grey Fort Dorset VW for gutter and garage door, Routeburn EB black for everywhere else. It looks cool once completed. This is before the painting:

Painters Long Ladder

This is how it was painted over. If we use scaffolding it probably cost the owner over extra $5,000. We managed to save the cost while the ladder painting practice gives us absolute advantages against our painting competitors on the market. Goldenland’s quotation is always competitive while as you can see in this case, we do not sacrifice the quality over relatively much lower painting costs.

When it comes to roof painting, this time we painted the roof with only one brush. Bruch painting is much easier to be controlled over painting smoothness and coverage. Roof color is Gull grey. The green gutter was painted by another grey color later on. Hand painting enjoys some advantages over machine spray painting: 1. we do not need to worry about paint drops flying over the air most likely stick to the window glasses; 2. It is easier to control the coating thickness.

The roof painting in progress:

Ground floor the concrete block wall first coat. Then all the down pipes and windows were properly wrapped for edge cutting all the details are taken cared of including meter box, saddles, handles and pipe. We make sure no other colors touched over original white objects. The result is distinctive.

Customers can select color from the color sample flyers offered by Dulux. Small samples can be arranged before a larger scale painting is progressed only with a tiny extra cost.

Exterior house painting cost saving practice

Instead of the regular scaffolding that other painters charge desperately as additional cost, rental per day or per week plus the set up and dismiss cost, for a house like this one it easier adds an extra bill of $5,000 in total on top of the painting jobs. We do not use much the scaffolding, we use a few ladders to climb up and down once to complete from the top to the bottom of the house moving the ladders around the house only once.

Firstly we do the gutter, before the first cost dry we do the under eave painting; Then we switch back to gutter to put on the second coat of paint, the gutter is done. Then we do second coat of under eave with roller and cutting brushes.

Secondly we use the high ladder to cut in the cedar or the wall, the joinery and top parts of the house. Below that it is a smaller standing up ladder to paint the 1st floor walls two coats from left to right. It looks slow but once the progress starts, in on round we basically completed the exterior painting of all the difficulty parts.

The right photo show how the two ladders are working together to replace the painting scaffolding. Even with full scaffolding around the house, there are still some not easy to access parts where we prefer more spaces for painters to work. Eventually we achieves fasting painting and better painting quality.

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