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We are able to do good plastering job. The following photos are going to show you how good and how fast we can complete your plastering job. For a house around 100 sqm we have 3 people as a team to do tapping and first coat of plastering in one day. Then we leave them for at least one day to wait until they are completely dry before we apply the second coat, sanding and the third fine coating.

Gib board wall plastering: first coat

Round corner plastering

Round corner door gate

Study room plastering


Living room, plastering before architraves installedCabinet storage space

Bathroom plastering

Ceiling plastering


Round corners to be installed and plastered.

gate entrance

Wall and ceiling plastering

Kitchen plastering

As you can see from the above photos that we keep all the newly sanded floors well covered with dropping clothes. The customer is amazed that how much and be done in one day. We have to complete the same plastering in one time because different plastering compound dries up the different time. The next coat is only be to applied after the previous coat total dry and solid.  Perfect plastering skills allow us to do minimum sanding for each coating which saves a lot a time than regular plastering teams. This also answers the question why we always offer an competitive quotation for plastering jobs. To contract both plastering and painting to one team you have a good advantage of better quality control because the painting team has no excuse that the wall is not properly ready for painting.

It is a smooth working process that plastering and painting are happening in fast pace while we keep good quality as well.

Gib plastering seond coat, sanding, corner and ceiling skirting installation

GThe above photos are the first coat. Now see how it looks after the second and third coats and sanding works.

lounge wall and ceiling final plastering, ready to paint on primer under coat paint.

Ceiling plastering is critical

Dinning room plastering done, architraves installed

window frames and architraves are installed after the plastering

wall and straight sharp corner ready for paint

Interior Painting Process

Now it’s formal time to start the interior painting works. First of all, we cover everywhere which is not going to be painted: the floor, cabinets, windows and more.

the new kitchen cabinet is completely covered, you do not need to worry about paint sprays at all.

Floor all covered by dropping clothes, a lot.

this is the under coat, the sealer.


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