Green Bay Interior Painting

The interior painting we recently completed in Green Bay. This is a new house and it’s going to be a high-end property in this premier location. The owner wants to achieve high-quality neat and clean results. All details should be considered. Goldenland is one of your best choices of houses painters in Auckalnd.

We contracted the level 4 plastering jobs to one of our subcontractors so we have better control over wall and ceiling surface preparations. The painting preparation part is always the priority for us painters. We can not do a good job without 2/3 of the time in total on preparation.  Painting is absolutely not about the brush, roller and paint, it’s more about plastering and fine sanding, they are all labour-intensive and details oriented, and of course, a lot of painters’ patience and endurance hard work.

The most common and good-quality paints are just either Dulux or Resene. We use the two brands of paint daily so we know their performance and quality of them.

The most popular whites and neutrals for new homes:

  • Luminous with abundant natural light, white feels clean, crisp and fresh. Resolve the flow of any interior with the simplicity of Dulux Haast Half.
  • We highlight the clean lines and shapes of a modern exterior in a palette of whites. The perfect modernist match for weathered textures and timber tones in this case.
  • The natural beauty of white brings tranquillity and warmth to a traditional home which creates a sense of welcome with the soft classic tones

Whites and neutrals are the ideal backdrops to create visual interest. We punctuate the freshness with fun pieces in bolds and brights then subtle neutrals can add depth and interest to any room. 

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