Interior and Exterior Timber Care

Professional timber finishes

We love timber. It has been used for thousands of years for buildings, furniture and decoration and it continues its popularity today because of its versatility, its warmth, its character and its natural beauty.

Enhancing and preserving the natural beauty of timber has been Feast Watson’s aim since our beginnings in Sydney in 1922. We’ve grown by innovating new products with advanced UV and weather resistance, durability and ease of application. Each product in this guide is designed to give a long beautiful finish to timber.

Feast Watson products are the choice of wood care enthusiasts who love of timber. Our range of and colors enables you to get effect for every timber project.

Stain & Varnish

A traditional timber stain combined with a professional clear polyurethane for one-step timber colour and protection. Stain & Varnish adds rich color to timber and preserves the stain by protecting it with a highly durable clear finish. Designed with superior clarity, Stain & Varnish enhances the natural characteristics of the timber grain and transforms interior furniture and woodwork with rich, classic timber tones. Available in gloss or satin finish.


  • Kitchen Timber Oil
    Kitchen Timber Oil contains clear natural oil for nourishing and protecting timber benches, cutting boards, salad bowls and all interior timber. When Kitchen Timber Oil is dry, it gives a natural matt finish that is resistant to water and spills. Kitchen Timber Oil can be easily maintained as the timber starts to show signs of drying out; there’s no need to sand the surface, maintenance coats can just be wiped on once surface is dean and dry.
  • Tung Oil
    Traditional Timber Oil, Matt Finish. Containing pure tung oil that has been prepared to the perfect consistency for coating interior timber, Feast Watson Tung Oil penetrates deeply to nourish timber resulting in a natural matt finish that can be burnished or waxed if desired. Its quick and easy to apply, and regular maintenance coats can be added very simply, without the need for sanding.
  • Floorseal Oil
    Hardened Tung Oil, Satin finish. Tung oil with added resins to provide additional durability and resistance to wear. Being tung oil based, Floorseal Oil nourishes timber and enhances its natural character with a satin finish. It is perfect for coating new floors, or recoating previously coated timber floors, and it is easily maintained and recoated.


  • Woodclean
    As with painting, a beautiful, long lasting finish on timber depends on preparing the surface properly. Before applying any exterior timber coating it is important to remove all the dead timber fibres and surface contaminants that discolour the timber and impede the even absorption of the coating. Feast Watson Woodclean is a powerful, oxalic acid-based preparation treatment that aids the removal of oils, mould, stains and tannins from new and weathered timber.
    Ideal for rejuvenating grey, weathered timber, Wooddean is suitable for restoring decking, outdoor furniture, fences, pergolas and other exterior woodwork.
  • Decking Oil
    A hard wearing, semi-transparent timber finish that enhances the natural beauty of timber whilst protecting it from New Zealand’s harsh conditions. The rich ingredients in the modified oil formula penetrate deeply to nourish the timber, replicating it’s natural defences against the effects of aging. With added water, UV, and mould resistant properties, Decking Oil weathers naturally over time and will not crack or peel.

Decking Oil is convenient to apply as it is fast drying, has low odour and all application equipment can be cleaned up with water. The durable low sheen finish is easy to dean to keep your deck looking good between coats, and future maintenance coats can be applied without complicated preparation or sanding. Decking Oil is available in 3 pigmented colours, and can be tinted to bring out the colour of your timber.


  • New timber: Allow new timber to weather for 46 weeks, then clean with Woodclean prior to oiling.
  • Weathered timber: Scrub grey timber with Feast Watson Woodclean to remove dead timber fibre and dirt prior to coating with oil. Choose a tinted oil to restore the timber color.
  • Coated timber: Previously oiled or stained timber can be coated after a few months of weathering. Test by sprinkling water on the timber surface: if the water absorbs into the timber it is ready for coating. Existing paint or coatings that seal the surface need to be removed by sanding or stripping prior to applying Decking Oil.


  • Outdoor Furniture Oil
    A protective, penetrating oil that has been formulated to preserve and maintain the natural beauty of outdoor timber furniture. Feast Waston Outdoor Furniture Oil penetrates deeply to enrich the timber with a natural matt finish that is available in dear or natural timber tones. With added eucalyptus oil, it has UV and mould resistant properties and has excellent water resistance.
  • Wood Shield Oil
    Designed to protect rough sawn-timber from weathering, Feast Watson Wood Shield Oil provides maximum water repellence for exterior timber. Wood Shield Oil is perfect for vertical timber surfaces such as rough sawn cedar weatherboards, fences, screens and doors. By deeply penetrating the timber whilst still allowing ‘it to breathe, Wood Shield Oil reduces the timber’s tendency to warp and split.
    Maintenance coats can be applied easily without the need to strip or sand back the previous coatings. Wood Shield Oil is a lightly pigmented natural coloured oil that gives a matt finish. For a satin or gloss finish Wood Shield Oil can be coated with Feast Watson Weatherproof Varnish.


Weatherproof Varnish
Satin & Gloss Marine Grade Timber Varnish. A clear, polyurethane timber finish incorporating maximum UV screening to provide excellent, long lasting protection against the elements. Ideal for where a tough dear satin or gloss finish is required with resistance to sunlight, salt mist, chemicals, oils and solvents. Weatherproof Varnish can also be used on the inside of window frames and external doors, and to give Wood Shield Oil a gloss or satin finish.


Decking Stain
Get the look you want from all your exterior timber by changing the colour without hiding the timber’s natural features. Feast Watson Decking Stain adds colour to timber and will not hide the natural grain. It is ideal for making timber coordinate with house and landscape design, or to renew the colour of grey, weathered timber. With its oil rich formula, Decking Stain protects timber from the destructive effects of weathering. With additives to protect against water, UV and mould, Feast Watson Decking Stain keeps timber looking beautiful for longer. Available in 16 natural timber colours, Decking Stain requires only one coat to achieve a rich, matt finish with no need for a top coat. Highly recommended for Treated Pine.

Additional coats of Decking Stain will continue to develop the depth of timber colour. As Feast Watson Decking Stain is semi-transparent, the final colour achieved depends on the thickness of the coating and the colour of the timber being coated. The sample shows one coat on Treated Pine.

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