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Often we look for inspiration to come from a scene and get caught up trying to `recreate’ rather than looking at certain elements to become the inspiration. Birds of a Feather is not just using the color of birds as inspiration, but looking at the layers of what makes up the bird and using their look and their natural habitat to help take on the personality of the interior color scheme; PPG Architectural Coatings has partnered with Interior Designer and Television Presenter, Shaynna Blaze to help you find the perfect color that will transform your home. As a designer and artist, Shaynna is passionate about color and how it can transform a home.


When you zoom onto the soft pastel colors of the Galah, the palette takes on a romantic notion of an era Old Romance gone by. The bold walls of Ellie May Rose elevate the mood of the look while the main furniture in Old Romance remains soft and elegant. Touches of grey like Leaden Sky in the chair, print and billowing linen curtain add soft layers to the color scheme to mimic the birds feathers.


The Barn Owl is smaller and more delicate in stature than their cousins, but still make their presence known. The softness of the feathers along with their white and neutral palette lean the interior to an enveloping winter scene to keep you warm and cocooned. Using Bedford Road on the walls gives a soft canopy to the room while the stark Akimbo on the chest of drawers sits proud like the puffed chest of the wise owl.


Red Tailed Cockatoos are wild birds that let you know they are around with their loud squawk and gathering in large groups. The combination of Ink Well on the walls and the color Toby’s Collar in a very simple accessory makes a statement interior that you can’t help but stand and take in.


The color palette of the Kookaburra may seem simple as it helps the bird blend into its surrounds. A playroom is the perfect way to capture the essence of the joy of the Kookaburra from the warm browns in Hearthstone on the walls and Cradle White in the cabinets, and it’s the blues hidden in their wings that are the perfect color to add as an accent to jump out and add fun and playfulness to a room.


The Fairy Wren builds its nest from grass, twigs and is even known to gather threads of hessian that become entwined in the structure. The color palette is influenced by the bold Dinkum Blue in small bursts featured in the side tables; the rest is taken from the bird’s habitat. Their nests are the perfect inspiration for a beautiful interior of blues and browns.

The changing of the seasons like Summer and Autumn puts our gardens, lawns and parks on display and gives us a broad colorful palette to play with when being inspired to paint our interiors. Whether you are motivated by a kaleidoscope of bursting buds or focus in on one single bud, using colors provided by nature is the perfect place to start, Mother Nature rarely gets it wrong and that’s what Flora’s Canvas is all about.

PPG Architectural Coatings has partnered with Interior Designer and Television Presenter, Shaynna Blaze to help you find the perfect color that will transform your home. As a designer and artist, Shaynna is passionate about color and how it can transform a home.


Sometimes you just have to have big bursts of color Windsor Purple in your home. An entry or small reading room is the Purple place to introduce color without taking over the whole house. Wild Violet on the walls adds a bold energy to the space and the Fizzy Lime on the side table adds a sense of fun to the look. Be adventurous and add some excitement to small spaces.


Holidaying in the tropics gives you a sense of relaxation and calm that sees this scheme a must in a garden room, casual lounge or even in a bedroom. Green is known for its relaxing qualities, but using a few colors that have a bit of yellow added like Make Believe on the walls gives a layer of energy to a room.


Warm colors like red and orange are strong and make Paloma Sun a statement to any room. The natural tones in Autumn give a broad palette to play with, but by concentrating on a couple of hues like Burning Bush on the walls and Paloma Sun painted on a main piece of furniture can give a dramatic tone to the room without the varied layers you see on falling leaves.


An orchid is known for its beauty and delicate flower, but it is one of the longest lasting cut flowers you will find, giving inspiration for structure and a scheme that will be around a long time. Lichen Green on the walls adds a calm serenity in the room while letting the trims of Big White give a strong presence making this interior a modern balance of calm and structure.


A vine is a wild layer of greens and yellows that if let loose it can take over the place. Using greens and yellows in small areas adds strength to an interior in all the right places. Torte on the walls creates a depth of woodland setting while the chair adds another layer of color to the interior scheme without the fear of contrast colors taking over.

PPG Architectural Coatings Endure consistently outperforms the competition so even tough stains such as grease wipe clean when put to the test. Endure consistently outperforms the competition: Performs 2 times better than a leading competitor brand against scrubbing.

Why is Endure a superior performing paint?

Endure is engineered with Nanoguar to create a unique interlocking molecular structure that:

  • defends against stains
  • resists scrubbing

Endure is a water based acrylic with a 15 YEAR GUARANTEE* that provides the following benefits

  • Superior stain/scrub resistance because it’s engineered with NanoguardTM
  • Easy application
  • Fast drying – recoat in two hours
  • Low odour
  • Cleans up with water
  • High coverage/opacity – better finish with less effort

Endure Interior has been formulated to have superior performance in stain and scrub resistance, leaving the home looking fresher for longer no matter what trials the paint is put through.

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