Ranui House Exterior and Roof Painting

After over 10 years of exposure to extreme New Zealand weather, the house is finally giving up. The roof paid is almost completely oxygenated, over 100 old nails rusted not holding the long run roof tightly. The weatherboard paint is still in good shape, thanks to the 4 layers of paint for this 70 years old house. We can see obvious window frame paint peeling. I believed that wrong paint was used last time for the timber and I was proofed right, yes the most recent time of painting was a DIY job.

Major and critical problem for the house at the moment is the rusted roof, broken nails, peeling window frames and some rotted timber small pieces mostly found on window joiner corners.

Roof Restoration and Painting

Typical old roof rusted broken nail problem. The nails are not holding down the long run color stell any more. We replaced over 100 pieces with proper roof screws with rubber washer water proof covers. While we also hammer down many of the nails which are still in working condition. This practice keep the roof tight.

Ranui House Exterior and Roof Painting-House Painters West Auckland

Then it’s time to give it a basic sanding to remove the oxygenated peeling paint, paint drops, numerous sticking up objects, birds shit marks…This is the roof after 40 grid sanding paper hand sanding, most likely on roof valleys.

Ranui House Exterior and Roof Painting-House Painters West Auckland

Third work is the regular total water blasting cleaning. The high pressure blasting is able to remove the top level of old power like paint remains.

Ranui House Exterior and Roof Painting-House Painters West Auckland

All right finally it comes to the moment of truth the roof painting, by brushes. We have reasons to do hand painting rather than machine spray painting: the new gutter, the neighbors and the house windows. Roof painting is not a completed thing anyway. Using a brush allow us to take care of all details and overlaps. Two coats of Dulux colorsteel roof paint is giving the roof a totally new looks and it will protect the roof for the years to come. Nothing lasts forever and the nature is doing it’s work 24/7. I should not complain:) while the customer might think it better works longer. We have a 5 years warranty that our painting is not peeling, but not including the sunshine’s work like oxygenation, those are the manufacturer’s product design specifications.  The color is Ironsand Dulux Roof and Trim, very good roof paint for NZ weathers. The feature is that the paint is drying really fast like 15 mins. The propose is to make the roof painting work easier because of the constant shower in Auckland weathers.

Ranui House Exterior and Roof Painting-House Painters West Auckland

Window Frames Scraping and Sanding

This is a total paint removal and back to timber sanding sample.

Ranui House Exterior and Roof Painting-House Painters West Auckland

Complete paint scrapping

Before we decided to go to complete paint removal we did not realize that there were 4 layers of previous paint. We did the first small window as complete removal and sanding, it was super time consuming. To complete the other 10 bigger windows it could be about a week for one guy. We agreed with the customer that since the 2nd and third layer from bottom up are solid, we do not need to sand down back to timber. This finishing level agreement saved a lot of time which is not making much sense from the outlook perspective.

Glass cracks: We found the problem why the window glasses cracked, it’s because of the heat gun doing the old paint stripping, even the heat is not directly to the glass, but in some parts where the glass and putty were too tight, when the puttyp is heated it probably give some extra pressure to the glass to cause the cracks. We can not tell where it will happen again if we continue.

We booked a glazer to measure and cut three pieces so we can replace them by ourselvels. This is a lesson we had to learn. Wei paid the cost from my pocket.

For the balance of the windows, we have to be much more careful, while we can not use the heat gun again, so the green paint won’t be completely removed, only the cracking and dropping parts, as well as corners and joinery, we made an example for the big window next to your front door. From a painting result perspective, they look the same after well painted as the balance.

Sanding paper marks on glasses

The other thing is that we found next to the putty both inside and outside the window glasses there are sanding paper marks from the previous painters. Please note that these marks are not done by us. We did not do much sanding on putty areas. We used stripping knife to remove the most of them if we have removed the paint on them. You still see a lot of them next to the green painted putty which means they are there before we touch that window. This is how it looks after basic preparation. I will show you later how it was transformed to a decent new house after our good painting works.

Ranui House Exterior and Roof Painting-House Painters West Auckland
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