Deck restorations and staining. Goldenland painters have our own scaffolding and roof painting safety gears.  We have water blasting equipment too.

Roof Coating

Several different types of coatings are used on metal panels to prevent rust, provide waterproofing, or reflect heat. They are made of various materials like epoxy and ceramic.

  1. Ceramic coatings can be applied on metal roof materials to add heat-reflective properties. Most ceramic coatings are made from regular paint with ceramic beads mixed in as an additive. Coatings are sometimes applied to copper. Clear coatings preserve the natural color, warmth, and metallic tone of copper alloys.
  2. Oils exclude moisture from copper roofs and flashings and simultaneously enhance their appearance by bringing out a rich luster and depth of color. The most popular oils are lemon oil, U.S.P., lemongrass oil, Native E.I., paraffin oils, linseed oil, and castor oil.
    On copper roofing or flashing, reapplication once every three years can effectively retard patina formation. In arid climates, the maximum span between oilings may be extended up to five years. Opaque paint coatings are primarily applied over copper when substrate integrity and longevity are desired but a specific color other than the naturally occurring copper hues is required.
  3. Lead-coated copper coatings are used when the appearance of exposed lead is desired or where water runoff from un-coated copper alloys would ordinarily stain lighter colored building materials, such as marble, limestone, stucco, mortar, or concrete.
  4. Zinc-tin coatings are an alternative to lead coatings since they have approximately the same appearance and workability

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