Royal Heights Exterior Painting

We used the original four colours for this Epsom mansion. The advantage of using the original colours are obvious, they cover very well! The house was painted a few years ago, some colours are fading in the North facing side but in general, the house itself is in good conditions from a painting perspective.

We planned to use a long ladder so we can do faster jobs. The second day of the painting we start to wonder why there were a few marks on the plasterboards somewhere on two sides of the building. Luckily before we started to use the ladder we fingered out that those marks were caused by previous long ladder use for the roof cleaning. The surface is not as solid as weatherboard house and the ladder made pairs of deep marks to the house.

Ladders vs. Exterior Scaffolding

Then we had to give up the long ladder with U shape painter’s hook idea and change the plan to mobile scaffolding since the owner does not want to increase the budget while we as painters still want to business. The solution is our mobile scaffolding. This is how it looks once fully set up as three layers. For a regular height of the two-story house, two and a half layers will be good enough.

Royal Heights Exterior Painting-House Painters West Auckland
Royal Heights Exterior Painting-House Painters West Auckland

Exterior Paints Dulux Weathershield

The four colors we used for the house painting are all from Dulux paints:

  1. Gates at the rear, garage trellis: Bushy Park
  2. Soffit in all area: Midhurst Quarter
  3. The main body of the house plaster: Whakarewareua Half
  4. Plaster columns: Whakarewarewa

House Maintenance Exterior Painting – Plastering

The results are refreshing. We painted all exterior parts: soffit, fascia, plaster wall, doors, columns, exposed concrete base, fence gates and retaining wall. This is the main entrance, we had to dismiss and set up the scaffolding multiple times to take care of all details. A lot of cares and details to be taken care of including paid drops and glasses. Timber platform was built to keep scaffolding solid and easier to be moved around.

Royal Heights Exterior Painting-House Painters West Auckland

Some previous ladder damages were fixed and surface carefully prepared to match the original plastering pattern.

Royal Heights Exterior Painting-House Painters West Auckland
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