Solagard Exterior Color and Protection

Designed for New Zealand Conditions: Exterior colour and protection

Colour schemes and guide for perfect results

If you’re building a brand new home or planning to revamp your existing home, one of the most important decisions that you’ll have to make is choosing the exterior colors, A home’s exterior paint finish has a major impact on its overall appearance so it’s important to choose the best colors and paint for the job. The inspiring color combinations and contemporary collection of
colours in this guide will enable you to create the perfect scheme for your home’s exterior. Choose light, medium and dark shades from a color group you love. Darker colours recede whilst lighter colours tend to stand out. Add richer and brighter accent colours to express your personality and create a feature.

Whether your home is in the country or near the sea, Wattyl Solagard offers the best selection of exterior colours for the New Zealand climate. Mirroring the natural environment, colours are greyed or muted to create a long lasting, beautiful scheme to reflect your landscape.

Think about the direction of your home when selecting colors. If your home is north facing receiving lots of sunlight consider a cooler colour scheme. For south facing homes use a warmer colour scheme.

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) is indicated by the numbers next to the colour name. White has an LFiV of 100% whilst black is 0%. Light colours reflect heat and help to keep buildings cool whereas dark colours absorb heat and surfaces may become hot, causing thermal movement.

Accentuate with colour

Homes don’t always have to be white. A dark charcoal or even black can be incredibly sophisticated, yet understated. For a dramatic feature use a rich accent colour on doors or windows.
Lighter colours make a home look larger and can also keep it cooler. Darker colours absorb light and help blend your home into the natural environment.
Colours that are exposed to sunlight will often appear lighter, so be bolder in your colour choices for outside.

  • Wails: Grey Ember Door: Green Beam
  • Wall: Rock Oyster Feature: Rosella Flower Trim: Magnesium
  • Walls: Marina Pearl Feature: Thunderbolt Door: Murano
  • Feature Wall: Athens Walls and Trim: Solomon Isle

Solagard Roof is a tough 100% acrylic satin finish with such exceptional resistance to the effects of the sun and weather that it comes with a 15 year warranty. Designed to be applied to most new and previously painted galvanised iron, Zincalume®, Colorsteel® and concrete tile roofs without primer.* Soiagard Roof is formulated to give excellent adhesion and contains mica for extra protection against the elements. It is also safe to use on roofs used for the collection of drinking water.


  • Extensive colour range including a popular range of colorsteel® colours.
  • Environmentally friendly: non toxic; non hazardous; non flammable; contains biodegradable surfactants making it safer for the environment.


  • Maximum durability Contains mica to offer exceptional resistance to harsh weather conditions
  • Easy to apply Superior flow and smoothness. May be brushed, rolled or sprayed
  • Improved adhesion Advanced 3rd generation technology ensures Solagard Roof binds to problem surfaces such as zinc.

No-one understands the extremes of the New Zealand climate better than Wattyl Solagard® For total protection in any weather, year after year, turn to Wattyl Solagard. Wattyl Solagard has been providing exterior paint protection for decades, ensuring New Zealand homes look better for longer. We still offer the original 10 year warranty but now also offer a 15 year warranty on most
substrates – still without a separate primer, although you may need an extra coat. For full details on the warranty refer to the packaging chart or online.

  • FLEXIBLE – RESISTS CRACKING AND PEELING Long term flerdbility ensures the pain t stretches and flexes with the extremes of climate to provide lasting protection against cracking and peeling.
  • CURES AT LOW TEMPERATURES Solagard can be applied at temperatures as tow as 5°C. DO NOT APPLY if the humidity is greater than 85%, or if dew or rainfall is likely within 4 hour of application,
  • BREATHABLE — RESISTS BLISTERING Solagard resists blistering and surface damage by restricting penetration of water into the surface whilst allowing water vapour to pass through from the building material into the air.
  • SELF PRIMING No primer needed on timber,cement render, brick,fibre cement, mason ry,Zincalume. and galvanised iron sheet for faster and simpler painting_
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE POLYMERS acrylic polymers and durable pigments provide superior protection from New Zealand weather conditions.
  • INHIBITS MOU LD AND MILDEW Contains powerful anti-mould ingredients to resist the growth of mould and fungus and protect the surface.
  • UV BLOCK OUT Blocks out harmful EN rays preventing them from penetrating and damaging the surface.
  • MADE IN NEW ZEALAND FOR NEW ZEALAND CONDITIONS ij Developed in New Zealand,Solagard is engineered for easy application and lasting protection in all New Zealand climates.
    Solagard products now offer a 15 year warranty*
    Vaispar Paint (NZ) Limited warrants that if Solagard is applied correctly on sound, properly prepared surfaces as per label instruction, it will not hake, peel or blister for 15 or 10 years depending on number of coats and the surface type as shown in the table below. if this paint fails to perform as specified above, Valspar Paint (NZ) Limited will provide, free of charge, sufficient paint to recoat the affected areas. Paint failure caused by any breakdown of a previous coating is not covered by this warranty.
  • 15 year warranty finish coats
    10 year warranty finish coats
    Previously painted surfaces and new Colorsteel® Bare Timber Bare Cement Render. Brick, Fibre Cement, Masonry Zincalurnem Galvanised iron sheet
    2 coats of Solagard 3 coats of Solagard 3 coats of Solagard 3 coats of Solagard 3 coats of Solagard
    2 coats of Solagard 2 coats of Solagard 2 coats of Solagard 2 coats of Solagard 2 coats of Solagard
    Wattyl Solagard is not suitable for walk-on surfaces. We recommend Wattyl Paving Paint or Wattyl Decking & Timber Paint for these applications. Terms, conditions and some exclusions apply to this warranty.

Solagard: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

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