Staining to Painting

In recent years, more people choose to switch from cedar house staining to painting. There are two options to do so. One is to paint it with Dulux Timbacryl, two coats. The other is priming and painting two coats of Weathershield paint.

What’s the difference between staining and painting?

  • 1. staining requires more coats by average in 2-3 years. While painting is normally 8-12 years. Painting is going to save your future budget, a lot.
  • 2. staining gets oxidized much faster than painting.

Which painting is better? Timbacryl or Weathershield?

If you want to keep as much timber or cedar exterior features, timbacryl is better. Timbacryl performs more likely something between stain and normal exterior paint. Weathershield is stronger in longer terms. However, although the Dulux Weathershield states that the paint is self-priming, on the dry wood surface like cedar, an extra layer of proper professional primer is much better, we use 1StepPrep as a water-based primer or Quick Dry Oil Primer. Both perform very well.

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