Staining to Painting

In recent years, many West Auckland homeowners chose to switch from staining to proper house exterior painting. To make a summary for each outdoor paint case, it can be convenient for our other paint users as a reference for their own home paint cases. Because there are several types of house structures in Auckland, each of which has a different painting method; at the same time, when the homeowner chooses a painter, one is concerned about the price, the second is the quality assurance of the painting, and the third is the paintting period. , don’t drag on for too long.

What’s the difference between staining and painting?

  1. 1. staining requires more coats on average in 2-3 years. While painting is normally 8-12 years. Painting is going to save your future budget, a lot.
  2. 2. staining gets oxidized much faster than painting.

Which painting is better?

If you want to keep as many timber or cedar exterior features, Timbacryl is better. Timbacryl performs more likely something between stain and normal exterior paint. Weathershield is stronger in longer terms. However, although the Dulux Weathershield states that the paint is self-priming, on the dry wood surface like cedar, an extra layer of proper professional primer is much better, we use 1StepPrep as a water-based primer or Quick Dry Oil Primer. Both perform very well.

Today’s case is a popular practice in recent years, changing the exterior wall panels that originally used stain to ordinary paint; there are two motives for this: First if the stain is used all the time, it needs to be used every two or three times. Re-oil every year, the best way is to repaint every two years, given the increasingly expensive labour in Auckland cost, more and more owners can’t afford such high maintenance costs, and start to choose alternatives; the reason is 20. The durability of ordinary paint will be greatly extended, and a house can be painted and maintained once every 12 to 15 years on average. , which reduces the cost of painting the house by about 80%, and the apparent effect does not make any difference, so why not do it.

Our painting is all real cases. Some businesses need previous customers for reference. We generally only give addresses and let new customers go outside to have a look. Some very satisfied customers will take the initiative to propose that they can be new customers. For the reference of the model, we recommend our painters, which is also a high average for our cost performance.

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