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Sunnyvale House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland
house front part painting almost completed

We are contracted for this Sunnyvale house exterior painting two weeks ago while the owner believes it’s a good time to clean and paint the house in Summer. Last time the house was painted in four years. It is a regular west Auckland house sitting on a slope, car park and garage in the bottom and about 100sqm flat of hardie panels exterior. The paint on the hardie are oxygenated, most are growing at the back parts. Unlike weather board panels the paint won’t peel from the surface of regular timber. Hardie is basically fiber cement panels the paint won’t form any solid pieces to separate from the timber. (The guy in the left photo is a carpenter, not one of our painters:)

Sunnyvale House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland
the house front before painting

It is much easier to prepare a hardie surface for painting. We use 60 grid sanding paper sanding pads and duster to clean the wall and under eave from one end to the other. We do dot spend a day or two to clean the house completed, we do it from one site to another with all painting procedures: sanding, dusting, panting two coats. While the painting is drying we move to the next section and we do the same progress again, section by section. When we finish from one corner to another, the part of the house is well painted already. Sectional painting means we prepare and paint upside down, one side to another from fascia to under eave, then to hardie panels and bottom panels. In this Glenfield case we have two colors but three area: fascia as Bethells Beach, under eave and hardie as Mt Aspiring Quarter and bottom as Bethells Beach again, all low sheen exterior Dulux paint.

Sunnyvale House Exterior Painters-House Painters West AucklandThe left illustration shows the different part of a house exterior painting.

The section between the roof and cladding is the most time consuming part for painters, especial when customers decided to use different colors. We normally do not paint guttering and drain piple. In Auckland the common painting pattern is that the fascia follows the cladding color, soffit or under eave as white, barge board follows the cladding color too.

In this Sunnyvale case it’s the above format. A easier case could be that the fascia and soffit as one color other than cladding while barge board a different color, darker than cladding so it sticks out visually.

We recommend less than three colors only for exteriors: roof, cladding and under eave as one color each. The fascia follows the cladding color. Windor and door trim follows under eave but as water base enamel paint.

We used to do water blasting before the painting. Recently we gave up the practices for three reasons:

  1. some customer believe the water blasting is going to do some level of damage to the house exterior and they worry about water going in to some parts of the wall as well. We agree with that.
  2. Water blasting takes time especial when the house is sitting on a slope or it’s a double story house. The majority of time is spent on moving and setting up ladders properly.
  3. Water blasting is not idea for removal of spider webs, peeling paints and other debris. We still have to do dusting, stripping and sanding later on, it’s a duplication of work load.

Sectional painting is much more efficient from the painter’s perspective and we can definitely achieve at least 1/3 faster painting process. Fast painting work means a lot to pre-sale and rental property. If we are a rental property owner you do not want your house to be empty from rental for a long time without income. The sooner it’s done, the more rental profit you can create from your house.

Sunnyvale House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland

Sunnyvale House Exterior Painters-House Painters West AucklandTo repair an rotten wood panel

Very common we need to do restoration works before actual painting, like the left shown rotting fascia. We use contract filler to repair these woods to make them looks like a new piece. The fascia end in the photo are rotting. The right fascia looks much better than before after the repair and painting.

Repair works are critical to perfect painting results. All the rotten parts, holes, cracks, uneven surface, dirts and plants roots, peeling paint have to be taken care of before paint is actually applied on to these house exterior items. By average we spent 2/3 of the time on preparation. We believe this is give us a huge different than other painters. Experiences told us that once painting preparation is done well, we are far more efficient than a regular unprofessional Auckland painters

Some more photos of the house after painted:

Sunnyvale House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland

Sunnyvale House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland

Hardie cladding painting in progress. We used roller to paint the panels twice before we used the brush to cut in the joins between the panels, then we use roller again to cover the panels the third time. Three coats covers all the exterior evenly and perfectly.

Sunnyvale House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland

Sunnyvale House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland

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