Supermarket to Car Shop

Last week we started this residential building job, we need to change this 6 year super market Freshbarn to a car shop, IN 4 WEEKS!


Basically we want to achieve this:


We are a super efficient team. Contract signed late Wednesday, 30% deposit transferred, then next morning, scaffolds come and the rubbish bin.


Two works even started the demolish job outside before customer give us the keys.


Inside demolish is not a complicated job, sorting out the cabling is.


We assembled two scarfolds, high and low working on different ceiling levels.


The wall condition is better than I expected, same as the floor conditions, not too many rusted blots and holes.


Originally we wanted this in the end, of course like many other projects, things are not always happening to the direction where you want it to go. This is common in big residential facility building jobs.


After removal of the supermarket ceiling, we are shocked by this:


Landlord said this was a 1940’s building, and this timber framing part could be attached to the main building later than that, while you do not need to be a professional to know that the structure was not properly designed.


Structure engineers are checking what should be done, what we’d better not to do at all.


We agreed that we can not add an extra weight to the current structures. Then we came up this idea as an alternative, does not look as neat and clear as the first one, but this could be an easy alternative, without changing budget.


Sadly the customer did not like it, and we failed to convince them that it really does not look THAT BAD.

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