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Recently completed Swanson house exterior painting in between the raining days from January till February. The summer showers and storms added extra challenges to this exterior painting works. In some pieces we had to do the preparation and painting twice. The painting works include a small garage and workshop and the whole house sitting on a slope. We used scaffolding on the steep side. Roof painting is included for the garage.

Swanson House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland

Four colors for one house: foof, trim, under eave and weather board wall

This the the painted garage side wall. Roof is completely black color. We did water blasting, sanding and replacing the rusted screws. The roof was brushed painted two coats for longer term protection. 4 colors for this small garage: roof, trim, soffit, and weather board wall. Trim and under eave are different colors, this makes it difficult since we had to do two straight line cutting. It looks easy but when you are working around items on an uneven ground the painter ended up spending most of his time moving and setting up ladders.

Swanson House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland

House front after painting: brown color for trim, panels and weather board one color while under eave another color. For an old house the painting is more about preparation: old paint stripping,  contract filler plaster and sanding. When customer do not have a big budget to do the total original paint stripping, it’s a tricky business to decide which level of smoothness as the final standard before painters start the painting work. Customers always want to achieve smoother surfaces. However the painters have to stop some where before it takes too much time like endless schedule.

Swanson House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland

Sharp corners make a huge different of painting looks

We removed all old paint of our corners of the house. After sanding and new painting the house looks sharper. One of a big issue of DIY painting is that people though the more paint the better so people either used too much paint one time or over painted the boards with too much paint. As painting professionals we know it’s not about more or less paint. We prefer two layers of smoothly applied good quality new paint with fine brush works. It’s more about the painters workmanship which probably contribute 80% of the final quality of house painting work.

Swanson House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland

Always enamel paint for window frames

Enamel paint makes the frames stick out of the panels and boards. Enamel feels like fine the surface of Chinese kitchen wares. For a old window frames a lot of stripping, sanding and cracks filling is required, glass putty is anther extra we had to do.


Swanson House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland

Entrance under eave re-plastered to achieve a basically flat ceiling

The under eave ceiling was “plastered” by contract filler using the same interior plastering work Technics. Wherever plastering is involved the sanding works come as next. Sanding, wherever it happens, is one of the painting jobs that most painters hate to do. Sanding is not a pleasant works to do, especially ceiling sanding. The photo is the first coat and sanding, then comes the second coat and sanding before the ceiling painting. It’s before and after painted (paint in the photo are not drying enough yet.)

Swanson House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland Swanson House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland

Extra photos to show how we do good exterior painting

This is about old paint stripping. To be honest it’s one of our painters biggest challenges. It is extremely hard to reach to an mutual agreement at which level the sanding work stops. In many cases customer said they want a simple refresh painting but when the works starts extra demand is a sure thing. We accept these variations however please also respect our painters hard works and tight time from to get it done.

Swanson House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland

House south end repainted.

I like my enamel paint painting works on the window frames and two doors, frames. The premier is not necessary, as long as the timber was sanded well. A mooth first layer of top paint is working better than undercoat though they cost more money. The enamel paint makes the job easier. Enamel paint acts more like better painting quality an longer term stable.

Swanson House Exterior Painters-House Painters West Auckland

Yes, we had to do water blasting, rubbish removal, clearance, discounts more.

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