The Painting Material List Details

The material list details:

The metal paint screen is used to roll paint out of a 5 gallon bucket, an easy way to roll paint. A 5 gallon paint metal screen is a special screen hangs over the edge of a 5 gallon bucket-cost $2.00. You just roll your walls out of the bucket with the attached screen. This is good for larger jobs. Rarely will you see a pro use a paint tray.

If you have to buy 5 gallons of paint for your project, pour out 1 gallon from the 5 gallon bucket of paint, put the paint screen into the 5 gallon bucket and start rolling. Note: Before dipping your roller cover into the paint, first prime it; dampen the roller cover with water. This will ensure faster painting and savings of paint.

Note: When taking a break from painting, just cover the 5 gallon bucket with a damp towel to keep the paint from drying out and insert the roller into the paint and leave the paint on the roller cover hanging off the edge of the bucket to keep the roller from drying out. For overnight you can insert the roller cover into a plastic baggy, and then put into the freezer. Next day thaw it out and go to work.

  • 1-Paint tray: (optional) If it is a smaller job, a metal paint tray will work. Buy a cheap plastic liner to insert into the metal paint tray. This will make for easy cleanup; just throw away the plastic insert. Consider using a 5 gallon bucket with a metal screen for rolling.
  • 1-Pint “fast N final” or an alternative. It’s like a spackle but much easier to use. Uses: for repairing sheet rock, drywall, and woodwork with one fill.
    Easy to spread, and requires no sanding. Will not shrink or crack.
  • 1-Plastic. Comes in packages or rolls. How much plastic do I need? Measure width x length (wall to wall) W x L = total square footage of floor. Use

The plastic will be used to protect your flooring; you should also have some type of cloth tarp too. For example, with the plastic in place on the floor run a 4’x12′ runner tarp, (about $12) , along the wall catching paint splatters from the rolling of paint. This will collect the splatters minimizing tracking the paint splatters. Paint on plastic will dry slow and at times if you have to walk along a recently painted area, on the plastic, your shoes may track it, especially into another adjoining room creating a mess on the unprotected floor. Just be careful.

Nylon mesh straining bag are used to strain out any lumps in the paint. ($2.00) This ensures a nice looking wall without crap of any kind added to the wall.

Secret: an old pair of women’s nylons can do the same trick-learned that from any old veteran painter years ago.

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