Titirangi French Doors Exterior Painting

How to fix peeling off exterior paint?

There are three French doors at the North side of this Titirangi villa house. The original paint, which turned to be the third color already, was painted over 10 years ago. The paint is peeling off. How to fix the peeling off paint? This is a fundamental challenge to any painter. This photo shows how it looks before our painting works.

The practices are actually not complicated. Firstly we strip off as much paint as possible, then we do sanding starting from 40 grid, then 80 grid sanding. After that we use contract filler to make cracks and rotten parts smooth, then we do 120 grid sanding to achieve a smooth ready to paint timber surface.

13 reasons of peeling paint

  1. Water and humidity: water flowing on the surface or the water stay there too long before they vanish in dry days, condensation in other words.
  2. The original surface was poorly prepared
  3. Surface was dirty when painting
  4. too much sunshine, too dry
  5. oo many layers of paint over the years
  6. paint is not good quality ones, or they used expired paint
  7. Corrosive substances
  8. Poor application methods, which means it was not a good painter job
  9. Too old the coat, nothing lasts forever, 5-8 years is good for a regular painting, beyond that it’s time’s work.

In this Titirangi case it is reason 5 and 9. It was painted 10 years ago. We should consider it was a good paint and painting job. It’s simple time to do the maintenance painting work.

Contract filler the yellow compound to fix the wood cracks

Painting the door jams

After primer under coat then Resene enamel semi gloss exterior paint.

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