Westmere Interior Painting

This is a summary of our recent Westmere flat house interior painting works including wallpaper removal, wall plastering, sanding, Dulux Wash Wear low sheen black white wall painting water base and oil base for all frames 3-bed rooms, 1 toilet, 1 bathroom, 1 lounge and 1 kitchen, no ceilings. We used an oil-based Pigment sealer after wallpaper removal.

Wallpaper removal, skim plastering and sanding

The painting job process very much depends on the quality of wallpaper removal. It is extremely time-consuming to remove the old ones. People think it’s more about hard striping but actually, it’s not. We can not be using a hard power stripe. The trick is first to completely remove the plastic cover layer of the wallpaper, i mean completely, no pieces left anywhere, this is going to be important for the second step: steaming. Water steaming is to make the deeper layer of wallpaper both hot and wet. Hot is to melt the glue while wet is to make the paper soft so we can separate it from the gib board original paper. The glue is actually sticking two paper sides together. Here the smooth we can achieve the less work for the repair plastering.

Once we see the original gib board and joinery plastering, it’s done. Then we will do basic sanding before repairing plastering works. After that, it will be a regular painting work preparation. It takes one man to work one day to make 1-2 rooms ready. So for a 3-bed room house, it could be 4-5 days for one guy to do the wallpaper removal works. It has to be an experienced guy to do it otherwise there will be a lot of repair jobs that take longer than removal works. We do not want duplication. Simple and original condition is much preferred to achieve better painting results.

The owner prefers more modern natural colours which are going to create a look that’s more gentle and easy.

West Auckland House Painters

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